Creating a loan offer

As a lender, you are able to see all requested borrows on the loan platform and offer your own loan terms to borrowers.

In order to make offers on collateral, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into the platform at, and on the left-hand navigation bar, select "Loan Requests". You will see all collateral that is looking for a borrow.
  1. To make an offer for a given loan, click 'View Details'. You will see either the borrower's preferred terms, or that they are "Open to Offers". To make an offer on a loan, click "Make an offer" on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  1. After clicking "Make an offer", you can select your desired loan terms. If the borrower has requested specific terms, this form will be pre-filled with their request, and editable.
  1. Once you have entered and confirmed the correct loan terms, click 'Send'. You will be prompted for a signature in Metamask. This signature reflects the terms of the loan and is for your security - it ensures that the borrower can originate a loan against only the exact terms of your offer.
  1. After submitting a signature via Metamask, your offer will be live. The borrower will be notified of the new offer. You can also cancel the offer at any time by returning to the details page, looking at the details of your offer, and clicking "Cancel".