Logging in with Ledger

Ledger Wallets can be a little finicky when logging into web3 apps. This guide will show you step-by-step how to connect a Ledger to Arcade via Metamask.

Step 1: Navigate to Landing Page

Upon opening app.arcade.xyz, you will be asked to login to your wallet. Click "Connect Wallet" to get started.


Step 2: Sign In to MetaMask

After clicking "Connect Wallet", you will see the MetaMask popup. If required, enter your wallet password.


Step 3: Enable Ledger Live

Make sure Ledger Live is enabled in the "Advanced" section of your Metamask settings. If you've used Metamask with Ledger on other web3 dapps, this may already be enabled.


Step 4: Signature Request

Click "Sign" under message from MetaMask to login to the application. This keeps your information private and ensures that your wallet can not be impersonated for logins by someone else. The message includes a unique identifier that prevents others from re-using the signature to login on your behalf.


Step 5: Open Ledger Live Websocket

After clicking "Sign" on your MetaMask extension, open your Ledger Live app. You will be asked to open a connection to the Web from Ledger Live. This operation is completely safe - it does not expose any key information or sign any transactions. Any future transaction must still be confirmed on the Ledger hardware. Click "Open" to open the Websocket.


Step 6: Confirm Websocket

After clicking "Open", you will see a loading screen on Ledger Live, until the Websocket opening is complete. You may need to open the Ethereum app on your device. Once the Websocket is open, you should see a "Sign Message" prompt on your Ledger device. Review and confirm the signature.


Step 7: Login Complete

Once you've signed the message with your Ledger device, go back to app.arcade.xyz on your browser. You should now be logged in and able to view the assets in your wallet.


What’s Next

After logging in, you are ready to explore wrapping and unwrapping assets and exploring the loan marketplace.