List NFTs & Set Terms

To start receiving loan offers on, NFT holders can list NFT(s) or Vaults on the Arcade Loan Marketplace. Once listed, NFT owner has the option to set desired loan terms and users can propose loan offers.

The benefits of setting loan terms on listings:

  • Lenders can start a loan instantly on set terms.
  • Holders can signal the expected terms of their loan and lenders can make loan offers closer to the holder's desired terms.


Instant Liquidity with Vaults

Arcade users actively participate in providing Collection Wide Offers for instant liquidity on the platform.

NFT holders can access instantly liquidity by minting and deposit NFTs to a Vault and accept a collection offer.

Listing & Setting Terms on Vaults and Single NFTs

  1. Navigate to the Borrow page and select either the single NFT or Vault you would like to list on the Loan Marketplace.
  2. Once selected, a detail model will pop up. NFT holders can list as open to offers or set desired terms.
    1. To list as open to offers, toggle to OPEN TO OFFERS and click LIST AS COLLATERAL.
    2. To set desired terms, enter the desired Token, Principal, Repayment Amount, and Duration. Once desired terms are entered, click the Sign Terms button. A wallet prompt will appear prompting signature submission for the loan terms.


Protocol Function

Signature Request: this signature will enable the Protocol to set loan terms on the single NFT or Vault.

  1. After signing, another wallet notification will appear to approve the gas spend from the connected wallet (Function: Approve). Owners must confirm the wallet transaction to set terms and list the single NFT or Vault.


Protocol Function

Approve: enables the Protocol to spend gas to commit the loan terms to the Vault.

  1. Once confirmed, a notification will appear in the app that the on chain transaction is pending.
    After the transaction is complete, there will be another notification in the app to confirm that the transaction is successful and the terms have been set and the single NFT or Vault is listed on the Arcade Loan Marketplace.