Welcome to Arcade.xyz

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to navigating and understanding the Arcade.xyz dapp. Arcade.xyz is a web interface for interacting with the Arcade Protocol, a decentralized finance protocol that enables liquid lending markets for NFTs on Ethereum. Arcade Protocol's peer-to-peer marketplace can be accessed on the Arcade.xyz web interface as well as other 3rd party platforms. From borrowing to lending, using vaults, and leveraging the Arcade.xyz API, this set of documentation contains all the details you need here to get started and make the most of what the Arcade.xyz interface offers.

  • Getting Started: Dive into the essentials of Arcade.xyz.
  • Advanced Features: Details on using vaults and more.
  • For Developers: Information on our API and sandbox environment.
  • Resources: Older and foreign language documentation.

Please be aware of the Interface Agreement when using the Arcade.xyz web interface as well as the platform Disclaimer.

What’s Next