What is Arcade.xyz?


Arcade.xyz serves as a web interface for the underlying Arcade Protocol, facilitating liquidity for NFT assets. It enables the financialization of NFTs, representing a step forward in the evolution of value storage and ownership for unique assets.

Through the Arcade.xyz web interface, users can engage in trustless off-chain order matching, validated by structured digital signatures. Loans are settled on-chain in decentralized escrow, leveraging the cryptographic security of Ethereum.


Asset Vaults

  • Asset Vault: Use Arcade.xyz to create and manage Vaults, which are Asset Vaults in the Arcade Protocol. Deposit various asset types (ETH, ERC20s, ERC721, ERC1155, CryptoPunks) and receive an ERC721 token indicating Vault ownership.
  • Airdrop Utility: Secure airdrops for NFT assets stored in your Vault.
  • Delegate Cash: Assign a hot wallet delegate for assets within a Vault.
  • Staking: Stake Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and APECoin assets through Arcade.xyz into supported pools, gaining liquidity.


  • Set Terms: Define loan terms for your Vault or individual NFTs, including collateral type, duration, and interest rate.
  • Trustless Matching: Lenders can fund loan requests that, when countersigned, initiate on-chain settlement.
  • Borrower Note: Receive an ERC721 note representing your claim to the assets in escrow after loan settlement.
  • No Prepayment Penalty: Pay off loans at any time to reclaim escrowed assets.


  • Offers: Extend loan offers on Vaults or individual NFTs.
  • Collection Offers: Make offers on popular asset collections.
  • Trustless Matching: Accept a loan offer without third-party involvement, thanks to the lender's digitally signed terms.
  • Lender Note: Upon loan settlement, acquire an ERC721 lender note representing your claim on the collateral should the loan default.
  • Trustless Claims: If a loan defaults, Arcade Protocol's built-in logic allows the claim of the Vault and its assets, which are transferred to the lender note owner.