Introducing Arcade

NFTech builds infrastructure and platforms enabling liquidity for NFTs. Built on top of the Pawn Protocol set of smart contracts, Arcade provides an end user application that makes interacting with our contracts deployed on Ethereum easy and intuitive.


Arcade is the first of its kind Web3 platform to enable liquid lending markets for NFTs. At Arcade, we think all assets will eventually become digitized and that NFTs represent a 0 to 1 innovation in storing value and ownership attribution for unique digital assets.

Arcade's focus is on building primitives, infrastructure, and applications enabling the growth of NFTs as an asset class. As such, the first product we released is an innovative peer to peer lending marketplace that allows NFT owners to unlock liquidity on baskets of NFTs on Ethereum. Lenders that hold stablecoins or ERC20 tokens can participate in a new source of DeFi yield by underwriting term loans collateralized by borrowers' NFTs.

Arcade is our end user application that strives to become the financial marketplace for NFTs enabling collectors, creators, and liquidity providers the ability to do more with NFTs securely on public permissionless blockchains. Today NFTs are largely digital representations of artwork and media content, however, our belief is that in the not so distant future NFTs will encompass digital rights, metaverse assets, and digital identity.